12 Pieces Every Professional 20-Something Should Have in Her Wardrobe

There’s a point when a young woman looks at her closet and realizes she doesn’t have anything that’s appropriate for her new life as a professional woman working in a classy environment. Stick to these 12 items and you’ll be a success in any business setting.

Black Blazer

The great thing about a good-quality, fitted black blazer is that not only does it give your appearance a professional polish, it also helps keep you warm when the office air conditioner has been turned up to high.

You can find great black blazers at Easton Town Center’s White House | Black Market!


White Button-Down Blouse

Don’t underestimate the value of a good white button-down blouse. Make sure the blouse is long enough that it can be tucked into your waistband, and that it will stay tucked in when you sit down or lean forward.

Shop Easton’s Ann Taylor for a great white button-down blouse!


Soft Cardigan

The soft cardigan might not be the best choice when you have a high-powered business meeting, but in all other circumstances, it’s a good choice. Stick to a simple cut and a plain design.

Check out Easton’s Anthropologie for top-quality soft cardigans!


Black Suit

Nothing projects confidence better than a great black suit. It’s the item you should turn to when you have an important meeting with clients, a work evaluation or are applying for another position.

Express at Easton Town Center offers a wide variety of women’s black suits.


Flat Pumps

It’s a good idea to have at least one pair of high-quality flat pumps on hand. Stick to a leather pair that fits you comfortably.

Visit Clark’s at Easton for a quality selection of flat pumps!


Black Dress

A good black dress might not be the first item you add to your professional wardrobe, but at some point you will need one. The dress is perfect for business parties.

Check out Forever 21 at Easton for gorgeous black dresses!


Nice Heels

A pair of good heels is a great way to boost your confidence. A good pair of two-inch heels is something you should have in your shoe tree. Stick to leather shoes.

Check out Michael Kors at Easton for top-quality heels!



The handbag you choose should be simple in design, have a long strap and be large enough to carry all of your essentials.

You can find high-quality handbags at Easton’s Coach!



You don’t have to spend a fortune on jewelry, but a few simple, clean items of jewelry gives even the most basic fashion ensemble a sleek edge.

Easton’s Diamond Cellar has a wonderful array of fine jewelry to choose from!



If you work in an environment that has a casual Friday, you will want a couple of nice, plain T-shirts in your wardrobe. Pair these with a nice pair of slacks and you’ll look casual but tidy.

Look no further than Abercrombie & Fitch for a great selection of t-shirts!



No matter what you’re wearing, a slim, leather belt with a gold or silver buckle will tie your look together.

Buckle at Easton Town Center is the best place to shop for the hottest belts!



Having a nice pair of slacks that you can wear when it’s windy or you’re moving around is always a good idea. Stick to tailored slacks.

Easton’s Nordstrom has a fantastic selection of quality slacks!

Where is your favorite store to shop for professional wear at Easton Town Center?

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