Meet our Easton MomE Mavens.

These ladies will help shape this group.

They will shape this group into one that continues to honor, support and connect with fellow moms of central Ohio. We asked each to tell us how they juggle everything in their lives. Maybe there’s a tip you could use!

Barb B.

A believer that staying positive is a choice and sharing smiles makes a difference.
“I juggle life by relying on family, friends and faith to keep me centered and focus on what is important.”


Brenda W.

Enjoy scrapbooking, decorating, being with friends, traveling with family and helping people find jobs.
“The best way to juggle everything in life is plan, plan, PLAN! If I didn’t have a calendar – I’d be lost. I write everything down.”


Cara H.

Seriously crazy and crazily serious in one package!
“I juggle my life with joy in the good times and deep breaths in the stressful. My husband and I have built our life together and balance each other out in our times of crazy! My friend, Whitney, once told me a quote I now remind myself of several times a day-“sometimes, DONE is better than perfect”! Exercise and a little wine never hurt either!”


Deb S.

Loving, silly, care taker, loyal, dancer, nursing student, dreamer, talker!
“Never underestimate the power of a smile. I used to be hesitate to ask for help. But I have realized it is not a sign of weakness. Now when I am struggling, I ask a friend, a family member, or my husband for help.”


Kelley Z.

Happy, hopeful, SAH mom, skier, traveler, reader, faithful, curious, positive and shopper!
“I thrive on schedules. Otherwise my day gets absorbed by Facebook surfing. If I can organize my day into 1-2 hour chunks of; exercise, child activity (ballet, swimming, play dates… oh my!), a bit of Easton shopping/lunch, household chores, and finally some hubby time… then I feel like I accomplished something that day. Of course the plan fails quite often but it’s a goal – and then you just see what the day brings!”


Lara K.

Working mom, blogger, fun seeker, cupcake lover!
“It’s always a fun juggle being a working mom. When in doubt, I ‘lean in’ toward my family. No regrets!”


Mona W.

Mother of three, blogger, planner, funny, reader and foodie!
“I juggle my life via my smartphone calendar; I would be lost without it! I have a book club so I can connect with my friends on a regular basis. Friends are just as important as your kids in your life!”


Sandi W.

Grandma who enjoys adventures with husband and grandkids. Easton movie lover. Insurance Agent. Active at church.
“I juggle the hard and time-consuming stuff by having a very helpful husband. Having a date night every couple weeks is important to keep things in perspective too!”


Sheila F.

Planner, connector, mama, wife, and CEO of Event In Site, LLC.
“I discovered about 12 years ago and follow her suggestions about how to keep routines and habits to maintain your house and life. I plan the week ahead on Sundays, including meals, organizing calendars, shopping lists, etc. We also have a great support system of family and friends that help us out!”


Susan P.

Active, blessed, capable, caring, dependable, diplomatic, emotional, friendly & fun-loving
“I carve out quiet time in the morning before I start my day. Making a To Do List (mental or otherwise) is very helpful & then keeping everything in perspective – troubleshooting as needed.”


Valerie D.

Mom of two, blogger, shoe addict, foodie, people lover, and sassy!
Recently entered single mommyhood and trying to keep on living and exploring life with my beautiful children while making time for myself and connecting with my friends!”


Wendy D.

Working mom of three, passionate, loyal, fall lover, planner, blogger/publisher, believer
“I’m still searching for balance in the juggling act of life, between work, three kids, soccer, piano, scouts, PTO and everything else. For me, my big calendar with all of our commitments/events laid out, along with meal plans for the week, help to bring some organization to what seems like an otherwise crazy, loud, constantly moving week.”


Whitney F.

Enjoy life, good friends, and love my family
“A loving & supportive husband….and…wine!”