There are few places in life that we can call “home.”

As we recall these places, we often think of what was there, the experiences and most of all –  the people.

Easton was built to be a Town Center in 1999. But because of the shared spirit of the people and patrons, Easton has evolved to become a strong local community and inspiring success story. What makes Easton special is not just the great shopping, dining and entertainment. In many ways, that is just the setting. The magic comes from the Easton community.  It’s about the people, the experiences they share on-site, and the stories they share onwards with others.

EastonWay is the online forum built for the community of Easton to celebrate their stories, insights and shared inspirations.  As with the Town Center, the Easton Community is forever evolving to reflect the needs and aspirations of the people.  Thank you all for making Easton a “home” and community where we can all live, work and play. We look forward to your continued feedback to evolving and growing the EastonWay experience.