EastonWay Guest Blogger Guidelines

Interested in submitting a guest post for EastonWay.com? Here’s how you can share your voice!

Guest blogger topics

Easton was built to be a Town Center fifteen years ago. But because of the shared spirit of the people and patrons, it has evolved into becoming one of Columbus’ strongest communities and success stories.

What makes Easton special is not just the great shopping, dining and entertainment. In many ways, that is just the setting. The magic of Easton comes from the people, the experiences they share on-site and the stories they share onward with others.

EastonWay is an online forum built for the people of Easton to celebrate their stories, insights and inspirations. As with the Town Center, it is forever evolving to reflect the needs and aspirations of the people.

In the spirit of community, we’d like to open up and invite readers to submit their own content for EastonWay on a wide variety of topics. Basically anything that has to do with living, working and playing.

We look forward to your continued feedback to evolving and growing the EastonWay experience.


View some examples:

And if your article is chosen, we’ll award a $50 Easton Gift Card, as well as recognition of your Twitter handle and/or blog.

Blog post content

• Content must be guest blogger’s own original work and not published anywhere else online.
• Plagiarism is not permitted. When quoting others, please site your sources accordingly.
• Please keep your submission between 200 – 500 words.


Easton welcomes images and/or video to accompany guest blog posts, assuming that images you provide are directly relevant to the post content.
• If you’re including pictures of people, please make sure you have their permission to use them.
• If you’re borrowing an image we require proper attribution to the creator of the image.
• Maximum image size: 8MB


• Easton is pleased to give you credit as the author of your post.
• We allow 1 link at the bottom of the page below your guest blog post. This may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site.
• We don’t allow links to your site within the post content unless it is directly related to the topic.
• Excessive links or any links that appear spammy will be removed.

Editing & Extras

• Easton reserves the right to make edits to the piece where necessary to ensure the blog stays congruous with our values. Prior to publication of your guest blog post we will make sure you agree with these changes.
• If a guest post is inappropriate or needs improvement we’ll let you know and offer suggestions if we should want to publish it in the future.
• Easton reserves the right to refuse publication, remove blog content and change these guidelines as we see fit.

How to submit

Email your submission as a Word document to contact@www.eastonway.com. Attach any photos or images to the email. If selected, we will contact you to make posting arrangements.

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