Breakfast With Nick Does Brunch at Fado, Brio and Bon Vie

As a continuation of Nick Dekker’s “Brunch Your Way Through Easton” series, he and our resident FoodE recently headed to Fado, Brio and Bon Vie to uncover each restaurant’s best-kept breakfast secrets. Read on to discover what dishes Nick enjoyed the most.


Brunch Your Way Through Easton – Part 2

By: Nick Dekker


breakfast at easton

Last week I explored some of the breakfast and brunch spots around Easton Town Center, starting with turkey and sweet potato hash at Northstar Cafe, cider and fluffernutter toast at Zest Juice Co., and brunch burgers at Flip Side. Now this week, I’m back discovering new places, guided again by Toni, the Easton FoodE.


The family and I started with a hearty brunch at Fado Irish Pub. When we arrived at 10 a.m. that Saturday, we found the pub already full. Fado is known for featuring soccer matches from all over the world, which means they open early to accommodate viewers. That morning, they had opened around 7 a.m., and while we were there Barcelona and Real Madrid faced off.

An Irish brunch calls for an Irish beer, right? It seemed apropos to sip a Guinness while we ate.

Fado’s brunch menu mixes Irish staples with American classics and a couple Mexican touches. For instance, the bacon taquitos: they’re rolled and grilled mini tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon. They’re simple and compact little bites – great for splitting as an appetizer – and they come with a smoky chipotle salsa.

The French toast soldiers are crisp little French toast sticks, reminiscent of funnel cake, with cups of maple syrup, raspberry sauce, and whipped cream for dunking.

Both boys honed in on the biscuits and gravy, a small but hearty bowl of two soft biscuits covered in a chunky gravy. The Irish classics and Irish-themed dishes on the brunch menu are highly recommended, like the hangover sandwich filled with Irish sausage and rashers (back bacon, or bacon made from the pork loin + pork belly), the braised lamb hash with mushrooms, or even the breakfast boxty quesadilla, a boxty (an Irish potato pancake) filled with sausage, rashers, eggs, cheese, and pico de gallo. And of course, there’s the corned beef hash.

Curious to hear more about Nick’s breakfast adventures at Fado, Brio and Bon Vie? Head over to his blog, Breakfast With Nick, to continue reading. 

Where’s your favorite place to eat breakfast at Easton, and why? Give a shout out to your favorite restaurant in the comments.