Nominate yourself or someone else to be an Easton MomE Maven!


“Maven” is a trusted expert who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. Staying informed and in-the-know is as much for themselves as it is for the betterment of others.  Moms are especially attuned to this maven sensibility and its unique sense of purpose.

Easton values the voices of local moms in building a more enriching and meaningful community experience for all.  Easton represents something very unique to Columbus.  Local moms and families have inspired and sustained this shared sense of well-being since the founding of Easton in 1999.

At Easton, honoring moms is not just a holiday.  It’s a year-round opportunity to celebrate all the facets of parenting and family life!

MomE Mavens is a group of select moms, nominated for the following characteristics:


willingness to engage socially

able to lend support and knowledge

frequent visitor of Easton

What to Expect:

Support | Social media marketing and event resources
You will be able to access the Easton Community Room for MomE Maven hosted events, and utilize EastonWay social marketing support for promotion of shared interests.

Community | Help us find and connect with those like-minded
Through MomE Maven Meetup events and EastonWay Collaborative Insight Sessions, you’ll connect with other moms in the central Ohio area, creating a community within a community.

Access | Mom to moms. People to people.
Unique opportunities for “MomE Maven Only” events and programs, with direct line access to MomE Community Managers.  You’ll become a trusted voice and sounding board for upcoming Easton family event ideas, program opportunities and services.

What We Expect:

Attend quarterly meet ups, contribute articles, brainstorm ideas, attend events, and provide feedback.

Share Easton and MomE Maven info with friends, family and the rest of your community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or blogs.

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Thank you for your interest and help in building the EastonWay MomE Maven community!  We will be in contact with your nominee.